Marks Park Access and Upgrade project

24 June 2019

To ensure Waverley Council provides quality recreational spaces for the community, Council is building a new playground and accessible pathway at Marks Park, Tamarama.

The playground and pathway are part of a wider access and upgrade project that includes:

  • new access stairs to Mackenzies Point and playground
  • new path access around the perimeter of the park compliant with universal access principles
  • erosion mitigation and steep slope improvements
  • improved Marks Lane frontage pedestrian access
  • general landscaping
  • improved signage
  • playground and dog off-leash interface improvement

The pathway will provide independent, dignified and step-free continuous access around the perimeter of the park for all members of the community including people requiring wheelchair access and families with prams.

Waverley Mayor, John Wakefield, said feedback received through community and stakeholder consultation had informed the design and alignment of the pathway which has been reviewed by an independent Access consultant and will meet Council’s obligations under Commonwealth and State Government Disability Inclusion laws.

“Waverley Council is proud to be delivering a project that provides equitable access to the coastal edge of the park and lookout vantage points whilst retaining around 95 per cent of green space,” Mayor Wakefield said.

“The pathway occupies less than 5 per cent of the park but will make a big difference to people with limited mobility or who have low vision.”

The Marks Park access and upgrade project has been ongoing for more than two years in design, consultation, documentation and planned construction phases.

The project will meet Council’s obligations under the following:

  • Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014 (Section 12)
  • State Disability Inclusion Plan 2015 
  • Destination NSW - Disability Inclusion Action Plan
  • Waverley Community Strategic Plan 2018-2929
  • Waverley Council Events Policy 2015
  • Waverley Council Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017 – 2021.

The pathway is due for completion in September. For more, visit:


  • The pathway will be wide enough (1.8 metres) to allow prams and wheelchairs to pass each other comfortably in accordance with Australian Human Rights Commission (2013) Advisory Note on Streetscapes, public outdoor areas, fixtures, fittings and furniture.
  • It will be evenly graded and have an all-weather slip resistant surface and appropriate luminance for people with low vision.
  • It will be aligned so that the natural slope of the park conceals view of the pathway from points within the park.
  • It retains around 95 per cent of the grassed area in Marks Park.
  • This appropriate luminance contrast to adjoining surfaces reduces the risk of trip hazards for people who have low vision, older people, and people using wheelchairs or have spinal sensitivity. It improves wayfinding through the park by providing a detectable horizontal or vertical outline or edge for navigation in accordance with Draft Australian Standard AS1428.4.2 (2015).
  • It will not be visible from the lower coast walk. The existing and proposed vegetation on the steep embankment conceals the surface of the pathway from the coastal walk.