We need you to shape the future of Waverley


Following each council election, every Council is required to review their Community Strategic Plan.

This year we are preparing a new Waverley Community Strategic Plan which will be adopted by Council in June 2018.

This plan will outline the community's vision for Waverley and what Council’s priorities will be over the next 10 years.

Mayor of Waverley John Wakefield said we're embarking on an extensive consultation and engagement program to ensure the whole community has the opportunity to contribute.

“We know you're busy over summer, but we are committed to reaching you wherever you may be. We'll be at the beach, at your school holiday program, at events, asking you what you see for the future of Waverley, and what you want Council to prioritise.

“The first phase of consultation will kick off in late-November and will be focused around what your vision of Waverley is.

“The second phase will be in February and will include more detailed discussions based on themes.

“And the final phase will be in May, as part of the public exhibition of draft strategies, and part of that will be checking that the vision and priorities reflect what you told us.

“I encourage everyone to get involved. This is your Council and by having your say, you will shape our future.” Mayor Wakefield said.

To be notified, and to keep up to date with opportunities to contribute, please visit haveyoursaywaverley.com.au