Waverley Council’s Interim General Manager, Peter Brown resignation

On Tuesday 7 February, the resignation of Interim General Manager of Waverley Council, Peter Brown, was considered by Council, effective as at 15 February 2017.

Mr Brown was initially recruited for a three month period to support the organisation transition into a merged entity. Due to the local government context, this turned into a 10 month placement.

Mr Brown said “I congratulate staff for all the good work done over the past 10 months, both in collaboration with Randwick and Woollahra staff, as well as the work implementing key projects for Waverley. Their effort has been outstanding and of value to our communities.”

“During my extended stay as General Manager of Waverley Council, there were a number of personal projects that I kept delaying. These projects now require my urgent attention, and make it impossible for me to continue to work full time as General Manager.”

Council’s Director, Waverley Life, Cathy Henderson, will take up the Acting General Manager role.