Waverley Council celebrates marriage equality results


Waverley Council is delighted with the results of the marriage equality survey announced this morning.

Council formally supports marriage equality and this was affirmed at votes of Council in both 2015 and 2016.

As a display of support Council have been flying rainbow flags at both Chambers and Bondi Pavilion and will continue to do so until marriage equality is legalised.

The Wentworth Electorate which encapsulates the Waverley Local Government Area saw 80.8% of the community vote YES, one of the highest results in the country.

Mayor of Waverley John Wakefield said this is an important day for the campaign with a majority of the nation supporting marriage equality.

“Marriage equality will make a profound difference to the status and dignity of LGBTIQ people.

“This campaign is about every day Australians who are simply asking for the same rights as their fellow Australians - the right to marry the person they love.

“Today is an important step towards making that happen and it’s now up to our Federal politicians to do their job and legalise gay marriage.”

“Congratulations to everyone who has worked for and supported the marriage equality campaign.” Mayor Wakefield said.