Resting Beach Face at Bondi Pavilion Gallery

15 February 2017

We are excited to present the latest exhibition by local collective Arthole – Resting Beach Face. This is the humorous brainchild of Kirsten Fredericks, a Waverley Council Studio Artist (artist in residence). It brings together a series of artists who satirise the world we live in today. The playful results are sure to make you squirm and laugh simultaneously. 

As the Bondi summer swells, Bondi Pavilion Gallery becomes an evolving installation, a treasure chest of inviting, cheeky and fun objects to stimulate the mind and encourage differing perspectives. In this exhibition, nothing is as it seems.

Featuring acclaimed and notable artists, Kirsten Fredericks, Cupco!?!, Doodad and Fandango, Sarah Howell and Captain Pipe, the group showcases the unpredictable and ever-evolving nature of their imaginations.

This exhibition brings together painting, printmaking, jewellery, sculpture, video and fabric work to encapsulate a visual love of colour, humour perversity and pure unadulterated aesthetic joy.

Resting Beach Face will be anything other than the expected.

The artists are available for interview upon request. Please contact 9083 8125 or

Resting Beach Face

14–26 February 2017

Bondi Pavilion Gallery

10am–5pm daily