Racism does not have a place in Australia’s diverse society

MEDIA RELEASE: Waverley Council supports and celebrates our culturally diverse community and strives to ensure that our beautiful and vibrant part of the world remains welcoming, strong, inclusive, resilient and fair.

As such, Council carried a unanimous urgency motion at its meeting on 16 October to condemn Senator Pauline Hanson’s racist, incendiary and inappropriate notice of motion on 15 October that it is “OK to be white”.

Senator Hanson’s motion was defeated by the Senate 31-28.

Waverley Mayor, John Wakefield said: “We strongly reject the notice of motion in the strongest terms given its association with alt-right, neo Nazi and white supremacist’s movements”.

“Racism does not have a place in Australia’s diverse society,” Mayor Wakefield said.

“All tiers of Australian government should be providing enlightened leadership that supports and enhances an inclusive and dynamic community.

“We understand the extreme distress, anguish, fear and disgust that such a statement can elicit especially within Australia’s multicultural community and amongst all fair-minded.”

Council also resolved to write to Senator Hanson condemning her racist stance and policies, and attaching Council’s motion.

In March 2019, the Council plans to hold Waverley’s Walk for Respect- an event celebrating Waverley’s strong and cohesive community.