New Lifeguard Tower – North Bondi Beach


Waverley Council have installed a new Lifeguard tower at the northern end of Bondi Beach and two additional lifeguards will now be rostered on to increase patrol services during the busy summer months.

Last month, the old portable Lifeguard tower was replaced with a new larger one which can accommodate up to two Lifeguards at a time.

The new tower is 50 per cent bigger than the current tower and is made from fibreglass. The tower which is in close proximity to the beach-goers at the northern end, can also accommodate safety equipment and medical supplies.

“Bondi Beach is the busiest beach in Australia. Council has increased its service commitment to enhance patrols at the northern end of the beach,” said Mayor John Wakefield.

“The central Lifeguard tower is able to observe the entire beach; however, as the number of surfers, swimmers and general beach user’s increases, so does the demand on the Lifeguard Service to keep all beach users safe.

“This tower has created maximum coverage to the 900 metre northern stretch of beach to ensure our residents and visitors are safe especially during peak times.

“We always encourage bathers to swim between the flags as this is the most observed part of the beach. The conditions can change very quickly so always follow the directions provided by our lifeguards. And remember no flags, no swim,” he said.