Come along for the ride – National Ride2School Day


Waverley Council will be providing mechanics to several local schools to make sure their bikes are in tip-top condition a head of National Ride2School Day on Friday 17 March. 

This week Council will be providing bicycle mechanics from the BikeWise program to attend three local schools to look over kids bikes to ensure they are road worthy and make minor adjustments as necessary to brakes and tyre pressure.

BikeWise is an organisation run by accredited professionals which offer courses to help riders gain the skills and confidence required to cycle competently. They also equip riders with knowledge of bike maintenance.

Clovelly Public School will also be holding their own event – Cargo Bike Festival on Tuesday 14 March.

Currently, seven families at Clovelly Public use cargo bikes to transport their children to and from school.

A cargo bike is specifically designed and constructed for transporting loads – whether it’s carrying shopping, children or even dogs.

National Ride2School day is aimed at encouraging children to get on their bicycles and scooters.

More than 2,000 schools and 350,000 students take part in the annual event across Australia.

According to Ride2School organisers, levels of physical activity amongst children are at an all-time low. 

In the 1970s, eight out of ten students rode or walked to school. That number has dropped to just two out of ten. 

Mayor of Waverley, Sally Betts said Council has been supporting this initiative for ten years.

“The benefits of this program are far reaching.Kids get the health benefit of riding to school, but it reduces our carbon footprint on the earth – it’s a win, win.

“I encourage not only kids to consider riding on this day, but parents and the community in general to making cycling part of their routine.”

Waverley Council will also be providing fresh fruit and prizes to the local schools which participate. 

For more information about the event or to register your school please visit