Planning Advice

The Duty Planner is available for general telephone, email and counter enquires between 8.30am and 5pm Wednesday and Thursday during normal operations.

The Duty Officer is not able to provide detailed planning advice or high level planning information.

Requests for plans and information on current DAs should be directed to

Please call 9083 8000 for fee quotes and reports of illegal developments.

Development applications must be lodged on the NSW Planning Portal.

Please provide a site address and details of your enquiry in your email or voicemail to the Duty Officer:
Telephone: 9083 8000 Email:

Please note during the lockdown period, you should make your enquiries to the Duty Planner by email:

Your enquiry will be answered within 5 business days and the timing of response will depend on the complexity of the matter. We apologise for any inconvenience  for delayed responses.