Report suspicions of fraud or corruption

Waverley Council has zero tolerance for fraudulent or corrupt behaviour and is committed to minimising the opportunities for fraudulent or corrupt conduct by its employees, Councillors, members of the public, contractors and clients. Further, Council does not tolerate detrimental action taken against people who come forward to report suspicions of fraud or corruption.

This form is used to report suspicions, concerns or allegations of fraud or corruption at Waverley Council that involves or affects a Waverley Council employee or Waverly Council as an organisation.

If your concern relates to noise, parking, waste, or antisocial behaviour please report a neighbourhood issue. You can also make a complaint or provide feedback here.

What is fraud and corruption?

  • Fraud is purposeful dishonesty to try to get some benefit e.g. submitting hours on a timesheet for hours not actually worked – this is timesheet fraud.
  • Corruption is when someone with power acts in a dishonest or fraudulent way e.g. not following Council’s procurement processes and giving work contracts direct to supplier who are family or friends.

Using the online form

If your report concerns suspected fraud or corrupt conduct, complete the online form.

Please provide as much information as possible along with any attachments (for example photographs or documents) as this will assist with review of your report.

When you submit the online form we will consider all of the information you provide and then decide whether to investigate.

Online form

Waverley Council employees and public officials

A protected disclosure relating to suspicions of fraud and corruption at Waverley Council can be made by a public official.  Please refer to Council’s Internal Reporting Policy for further information including details of our disclosures officers to report to.

If you prefer to make your public interest disclosure externally you can make a report the following agencies: