Power tools

Domestic power tools, including leaf blowers, should not be audible in any room in any other residential premises (that is not a garage, storage area, bathroom, laundry, toilet or pantry) before 8am and after 8pm on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays and before 7am and after 8pm on any other day.

Strata buildings can regulate the use of power tools and equipment within private properties and on common property. If you experience noise issues related to contractors at your strata building, you should speak to the strata manager for assistance.

Leaf blowers in particular can cause anxiety and frustration for neighbours and Council encourages for them to be used in a respectful and responsible way and in consideration of neighbours. Leaves should not be blown from private properties into the street and/or down the drain. This can block drains, cause flooding and be subject to a penalty notice in some circumstances.

For further information see the link to the legislation.