Loud parties

Loud noise from parties is not a criminal offence. However, warnings and orders can be issued to help limit the noise if it is ongoing.

If you are experiencing repeated instances of noise from a loud party late at night:

  • talk to whoever is making the noise to see if you can resolve it amicably
  • apply to the local court for an abatement direction for the noise to cease or not recur under the Protection of Environment Operations Act (POEO). This is enforceable for 28 days after it is served, and can result in penalties if not complied with.
  • contact the Police, who can:
  • issue a warning for a one-off party
  • if the warning is not complied with, can issue an abatement direction under the Protection of Environment Operations Act (POEO) to cease the noise.
You can find out more about noise by reading the EPA's Dealing with Noise brochure.