Licensed premises

What is a licensed premises?

Any premise in which a liquor licence has been issued under the Liquor Act to permit the sale/supply of liquor. Such premises include, but are not limited to, hotels, clubs, licensed restaurants and bottle shops. Many functions and events are also issued temporary liquor licences..

Restrictions on licensed premises

A liquor licence will dictate hours of trade, identify the approved licensee and may include restrictive conditions applicable to the licence. The majority of liquor licences can by searching the NSW Government Licensing Service website.

Regulation of licensed premises

Many agencies have a role in ensuring licensed premises are compliant. The NSW Police Force, Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing and local Councils all have fundamental roles.

Resident submissions

Residents can make submissions when a new liquor licence is applied for. Submissions are made to the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) - formerly the CLGCA - via the OLGA liquor applications noticeboard. Such submissions must be considered prior to the licence being granted.

Development approvals (DAs)

Councils are the regulatory authority for assessing and determining Development Applications (DAs) but they are not the authority for assessing and determining applications for Liquor Licenses. This means that Council is unable to directly control or regulate the issuing of these licenses, however, Councils can comment on applications.

Council submissions

Council can and does make submissions to ILGA regarding new liquor licence applications. Considerations include:

  • development approval
  • the location of the premises
  • hours of operation
  • the type of licence being sought.

Like any submission, Council's submissions must be considered by the ILGA before a licence is granted.

Acknowledgment and thanks

Council would like to acknowledge and thank the Licensing Police of the Waverley Local Area Command, and resident representatives for helping with the content of the information on this page.

This page is intended as general information to benefit Waverley’s local communities. We welcome your feedback.