Green Infrastructure Master Plan


What is the Green Infrastructure Master Plan?

The Green Infrastructure Master Plan is our plan for the next 15 years and beyond to create a sustainable future for Bondi Junction and demonstrate environmental excellence. 

The objectives of the Master Plan are to identify and recommend low carbon, energy efficient, sustainable water and waste management solutions for exisiting and new buildings as well as the streetscape in Bondi Junction that:

  • Work towards achieving our 2020 environmental targets for our community which include:
  • 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 75% of all waste recycled
  • Zero increase in mains water use
  • Improve stormwater quality
  • Create ongoing partnerships to ensure a sustainable future for Bondi Junction.

The plan is based strongly on data and modelling, as well as valuable consultation and collaboration with a range of stakeholders including property owners, industry, developers and technical experts. 

Click here to download the Green Infrastructure Master Plan.  

Who are our Partners?

  • A Technical Working Group (electricity, gas and water network providers; government representatives; and, independent expert) who provided technical direction and input into the technical studies. 
  • Building Futures Partnership (building owners and industry groups) who helped to set the strategic direction for the Green Infrastructure Master Plan. 

Why are we focusing on Bondi Junction?

Bondi Junction is the 'heartbeat' of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. It is our main hub of commercial residential and retail activities, and the most densely populated area in our community.

It represents:  

  • 37% of our community greenhouse gas emissions
  • 36% of community mains water use
  • 11% of waste collected by Council

There is significant potential to showcase sustainability excellence and innovation in this precinct, for replicating to other areas in the future.

What are the solutions?

The proposed solutions in the Master Plan address both Council and private properties and have the potential to achieve:

  • 33.5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 17.9% reduction in mains water use
  • Cleaner streets
  • Financial benefit for participant properties in operational cost savings and property value. 

Solutions for Council buildings and streets

Council has already planned to undertake the following measures at its own buildings: 

  • Monitoring and maintenance of the Library solar power system installed and the 10 solar compacting bins installed in Bondi Junction
  • Energy efficient upgrades (LED lighting, sensors and timers, and HVAC and building management control system upgrades) on Waverley Library, Mill Hill Community Centre, Customer Service Centre and Waverley Early Education Centre
  • Electric vehicle charging station as part of Spring Street Streetscape upgrade
  • Energy efficient LED street lighting and smart controls biotrention raingardens and tree pits with biofilter as part of Bronte Road and Spring Street Streetscape Upgrades
  • Leak monitoring system on Clementson Park, Waverley Library and Waverley Early Education Centres (Mill Hill, Gardiner and Waverley)

Solutions for commercial, retail and residential buildings

In Bondi Junction centre, 14 properties out of 485 properties consume 50% of the total energy and 9 properties use 50% of the total water used in Bondi Junction centre.

Council will be looking at partnering with key apartment, commercial and retail property owners and users to harness the significant potential opportunities to save energy and water, and realise the associated financial benefits of solutions. These include leak detection, lighting upgrades, solar energy, HVAC upgrades and cooling tower optimisation.  

Want to know more?

Contact Waverley Council's Sustainable Precincts Coordinator at

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