Ingrid Strewe - Australian Labor Party (2004 – 2017)

“He was trying to ban topless bathing. He said it was a family beach, and as a feminist that really annoyed me because there is nothing more intrinsic to the family than women’s breasts.”

Ingrid Strewe was a Waverley Councillor from 2004 - 2017.

In 1997 Ingrid founded Bronte Gully Bushcare, and ‘Save Our Beach’ in 1985 to save the Hotel Bondi from demolition and protect the Bondi beach-front from high rise development.

She has worked on many successful environmental campaigns and was instrumental in stopping sea-bed sand-mining off the south coast of Sydney. As Mayor, Ingrid delivered the new Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre and Horsall/O’Sullivan Grandstand which had been promised in the 2004 election. She proudly maintained Council’s diverse labour force to benefit the community.

Ingrid was instrumental in the rehabilitation of Bronte Gully Creek Waterfall and water capture and reuse at Bronte and Bondi, the purchase of the top of Tamarama Waterfall and ‘Green Links’ to protect and upgrade paths and steps to beaches and parks.

She has lived in Waverley for over 30 years, having previously worked in London (modelling), was an avid painter and studied Theatrical Costume Design in Berlin.

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