Eva Sekers: Independant - Waverley Action Committee (1981 – 1987)

“I don’t know what is going to happen to the Waverley Action Committee now. I don’t think it will be disbanded, perhaps it needs a new fresh name.”

Eva Sekers was elected to Waverley Council as an independent for the Waverley Action Committee in 1981. Despite this, she was criticised as being a ‘closet liberal’ in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1967.

Alderman Sekers was also member of the Liberal Party’s women’s group but she claimed to be a true Independent. Only once during her time in council did she vote against the Liberal party but Sekers claimed this was accidental. Other council members suggested this was because she had fallen asleep, a “malicious allegation” Sekers fiercely denied.
Eva Severs was a Bondi resident and an Alderman of Waverley Council for seven years. She worked tirelessly in this capacity for the love of the Waverley Municipality and its residents. Eva was a well regarded identity in the Eastern Suburbs attending many local functions and making herself known and visible to her constituents. In her later life, Eva was a great worker for the Liberal Party of New South Wales and held the office of Honorable Secretary of the Double Bay Branch. She was also married with two daughters and a son.

After the Waverley Action Committee lost all its seats in the1987 election, Eva joined the Liberal party and started campaigning for a State seat.

Eva passed away in 1989.