Eat, Pray, Naches stories

About the participants

Although many people in our local area shared their time and stories for this project, often uncovering tales of hardship, courage and optimism, 26 feature stories have been highlighted for Eat, Pray, Naches.

Learn about the journeys of migration of themselves or their families, how they celebrate life through food and prayer, and what gives them joy -  what naches means to them.

Meet our 26 participants in this short video or continue below to follow their deeper stories through photos and videos below.

We hope you enjoy their journeys.

Alex RyvchinAndrew HavasBernard JacobyBob Sitsky
Dalia Ayalon SinclairDiane ArmstrongElana BenjaminEleanor Saul
Gertie GellinekHenry BenjaminJody SomogyLeon Goltsman
Melanie LindenbergMichele MolnarMiriam Guttman-JonesMorris Eskin & Natanya Gross
Peter BergerPeter HalaszRabbi Mendel KastelRose Fekete
Ruth LeiserSusan BuresTami SussmanThomas Wolf
Velvel Lederman Vic Alhadeff