Community Organisations (LINCS)

Are you looking for a local organisation offering services such as child care, sports, or community support?

LINCS is a specialised Local Information Network that allows Councils and other organisations to work together to collect information about services provided by community groups, government and non-government organisations in and around the local area.

Using the online search will return a list of matches based on proximity to your chosen suburb. If your search does not locate any local services, the result will automatically broaden to include the entire Sydney region and locates the closest matches outside of the Waverley local area.

If you are aware of a community organisation within Waverley local area which should be included in this online directory please let us know.
If your organisation’s current details need updating, please email

Search the Community Information database to find information about local services and community groups.

Please note: Inclusion on the Community Information Database will be in accordance with Councils guidelines and at the discretion of the Community Information Librarian.