Waste by law instructions & order form

Instructions for use of the Waste By-Law template in Waverley Council area

    1. This document is a template only. It is provided without knowledge of your specific needs or circumstances.
    2. Please be aware that this template may not be suited to your specific needs or circumstances.
    3. This template has been prepared by Amanda Farmer, lawyer, who may be contacted via: amanda@lawyerschambers.com.au, ph 02 8262 6100.
    4. This template is not legal advice or legal services. Waverley Council does not provide legal advice or legal services.
    5. Waverley Council recommends that you obtain legal advice specific to your circumstances before deciding to use this template.  

    6. Parts of the template do require completion by you to record items relevant to your building, including:
    (a) Title: insert the by-law number;
    (b) Clause 1.3: insert your building address;
    (c) Clause 1.12: insert your strata plan number;
    (d) Clause 1.13: insert your strata plan number.
    7. Under current NSW law, a by-law has no force or effect until it is adopted by special resolution at a general meeting of your owners corporation and registered with NSW Land Registry Services. You should seek specific advice about this process.
    8. This template is subject to copyright. You may not reproduce or communicate its content outside of your strata scheme without the permission of the copyright owner. This does not prevent your building from adopting the template by-law at a general meeting, registering it with NSW Land Registry Services and enforcing it.
    9. Waverley Council will not be liable for any loss or damage, however arising, sustained in connection with the use of this template. Such loss or damage may include, but is not limited to, loss or damage caused by the negligence or wilful act or default of others, whether consequential or otherwise and whether or not such loss or damage is reasonably foreseeable.
    10. So that Waverley Council and Amanda Farmer may monitor the effectiveness of the template, your contact details will be kept by Council and shared with Amanda Farmer.

By accessing the template, you agree to your contact information being shared with both Council and Amanda Farmer.

Terms to Receive the Waste By-law Template

  • I understand that the Waste By-law template can only be used in strata properties in the Waverley Council area.
  • I understand that Amanda Farmer and Waverley Council would like to keep my contact details for the purposes of monitoring the effectiveness of the by-law. This information will remain confidential for the duration of the evaluation period.

Street number*
Street name*  
Strata Plan number* 
Number of units at the property*  
Contact name* 
Role at property* 
Company (if applicable) 
Contact email*
Contact phone*
Is there a designated area for bulky waste awaiting disposal marked clearly at your property?* 
Is there a Waste Management Plan at this property that outlines where waste and recycling is stored, point of collection, contracts, and other details?* 


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This template by-law prepared by:
Amanda Farmer
Lawyers Chambers
Phone: (02) 8262 6100

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy

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