Resource order form for apartments

Thank you for your efforts to better manage waste and recycling at your building.

Please note that all orders have to be collected from the Council Chambers located at the corner of Paul St and Bondi Rd in Bondi Junction. Our staff will be in touch when resources are available for pick-up.  

Building address:* 
Contact phone number (no spaces):
Number of units in building:*
Applicant's role at property: (eg. strata committee member):*

Please indicate the size and quantity of each item you would like to receive. (Check the Signage, stickers and flyers section for available dimensions.)


Bin room signs
Yellow bin- quantity
Blue bin- quantity
Red bin- quantity
Green bin- quantity
Let’s Recycle Cardboard Right!
Moving out & Spring cleaning

Bin stickers 
Bin stickers – Yellow bin
Bin stickers - Blue bin
Bin stickers - Red bin
Bin stickers - Green bin

Garbage chute stickers & posters 
Garbage chute posters
Garbage chute stickers

No plastic bag stickers 
No plastic bag stickers

No junk mail stickers 
No junk mail stickers

Flyer and common area posters 
Recycle Right! (A4 poster)
Moving out & Spring cleaning (A4 poster)
The Bower (A4 poster)

Recycling in Waverley Council (A4 folded brochure)
Moving out & Spring cleaning (A4 folded brochure)

Recycling collection bags 
Each set contains 1 yellow bag, 1 blue bag plus How to use guide


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