Resource Order Form for Apartments

Thank you for your efforts to better manage waste and recycling at your building.

Please note, due to current COVID-19 lockdown and working from home requirements, we are unable to process orders. When our staff are able to return to the office, we will contact you with further information about your order.

Building address:* 
Mailing address (leave blank if same as above) 
Contact phone number (no spaces):
Number of units in building:*
Strata plan number:*
Applicant's role at property: (eg. strata committee member):*

Part 1- Resources

Please indicate the size and quantity of each item you would like to receive.  
Please check the Signage, stickers and flyers section for available dimensions.

Bin bay signs- yellow (containers)
Bin bay signs- blue (paper/cardboard)
Bin bay signs - red (general waste)
Bin bay signs - green (garden waste)
Bin stickers - yellow
Bin stickers - blue
Bin stickers - red
Bin stickers - green
Gargage chute posters
Garbage chute stickers
No Plastic Bags stickers

Recycling collection bags (each set contains
1 yellow bag, 1 blue bag plus How to use guide)

No Junk Mail sticker
Educational brochure (specify brochure type)
Any other questions? 

Part 2: Waste Strata By-Law

I would like the Waste Strata By-law template Waverley Council has created for further assisting managing waste and recycling in Multi-Unit Dwellings.
If the by-law is not relevant to your residence, please input N/A

A designated area for bulky waste awaiting disposal is marked clearly at your property

There is a Waste Management Plan at this property that outlines where waste and recycling is stored, point of collection, contracts, and other details

Terms to Receive the Waste By-law Template

  • I understand that the Waste By-law template can only be used in strata properties in the Waverley Council area.
  • I understand that Amanda Farmer and Waverley Council would like to keep my contact details for the purposes of monitoring the effectiveness of the by-law. This information will remain confidential for the duration of the evaluation period.
  • I agree to the above and have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions Agreement.

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