We accept items that have a plug, a power cord or a battery. This includes:

  • Household appliances: vacuum cleaners, microwaves, toasters, mixers, blenders, kettles, heaters, coffee machines, irons, pedestal fans
  • Entertainment and home office equipment: televisions, laptops, computers, computer accessories such as keyboards, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, scanners, servers, projectors, stereos, gaming consoles, DVD players, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes and video recorders
  • Phones: mobiles and landlines
  • Cords, chargers and headphones
  • Power tools: drills, circular saws, power boards, electric lawnmowers, electric trimmers, electric leaf blowers. No gas or petrol powered items
  • Vapes and e-cigarettes: make sure they're empty of any liquid
  • Batteries (no car batteries).

Don’t forget to delete your data before dropping your device off. The recycling process doesn't include data wiping.

Packing tip: Bring old electronics in a cardboard box where possible