Urban Greening & Cooling Strategy

Council’s Urban Greening and Cooling Strategy will enhance our climate resilience, sustain our local biodiversity and support healthy, liveable neighbourhoods.

Urban trees and vegetation, whether on public or private land, provide shade and shelter, improved air quality, absorption of carbon, rainfall and stormwater, as well as habitat and food for local animals and birds. Greening initiatives such as planting street trees and ground covers, installing rainwater gardens and de-paving can also help mitigate heat islands, which are proliferating due to climate change and urbanisation.

The Urban Greening and Cooling Strategy sets out actions to extend Waverley’s tree canopy and green cover target to 35% by 2032 under four goals focusing on public land, private land, community stewardship and compliance.

Waverley's Urban Cooling and Greening Strategy

Please see below for the Waverley-wide green cover target (including canopy, shrub and vegetated ground cover)