Street gardens

If you've a grassed nature strip alternatively known as a verge in front of your house, then you have the chance to create a beautiful street or verge garden. A well-maintained street garden can help to reduce lawn mowing, provide habitat for birds and help to make your home and street look fantastic.

Because nature strips and verges are Council land, you must first read and agree to the street garden guidelines and submit an application for approval before you plant your street garden. As part of the application process, you'll also need to have reviewed the garden plant and natives for shade lists.

Before starting a new street or shared garden in Waverley, we encourage locals to have a chat with an existing garden group. Most of our shared gardeners are always looking for new members to join their team and help maintain their patch.

Want to know more?

Street Garden Customer Service
02 9083 8647

Shared or Community Garden enquiries
02 9083 8916

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