Street tree planting

bioStreet trees are planted along road reserves and verges, laneways and occasionally footpaths and in the road itself; they are usually chosen for their shade and visual appeal.

Council will gladly plant a tree on your nature strip, free of charge. You may nominate a preferred species but Council's decision will be based on recommendations from the Street Tree Masterplan and considerations such as hardiness, suitability to the location and the presence of underground or overhead services. To request such planting either call (02) 9083 8000, send us a letter or email

Any street tree planting carried out by residents without consultation with Council may be well meant but could unintentionally create problems with regard to:

  • Sightline difficulties
  • Inconsistency of trees in the streetscape
  • Future damage to Council and/or private property
  • Public liability claims or the added difficulty of ongoing maintenance.

Trees planted on Council property become Council responsibility and the legacy of such tree problems may not become evident for up to 10 or 15 years.

When notified of street trees planted without Council authorisation, we will consult and discuss with residents to reach a suitable outcome by looking at options such as pruning or transplanting. However, if there are no alternatives we will reserve the right to remove inappropriately planted trees and replant, where possible, with a more suitable tree.

Habitat networks

Waverley’s green spaces provide habitats for a variety of native animals including Blue Wrens, Honeyeaters, Lorikeets, Common Brushtail Possums and Bluetongue Lizards as well as insectivorous bats, geckos, and frogs.

When it comes to tree management in Waverley, part of the selection criteria for existing and proposed trees involves assessing the contribution they make to local biodiversity and maintaining habitat corridors within and beyond the boundaries of the Waverley LGA.

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