Street Tree Masterplan

bioWhat is the Street Tree Masterplan?

The masterplan is a guide to how we plant street trees now and in the future.

Why do we need one?

Waverley is a highly densely populated area with very limited open green space. Planting more trees and caring for our existing trees can help redress this imbalance

Trees offer many benefits: from the shade and cooling of our streets; the habitat they provide for local fauna and the grace and beauty they add to our urban environment

However, planting street trees requires a co-ordinated approach and this masterplan will help by providing:

  • A sound framework for the selection of trees
  • Better tools for the planning and budgeting of future tree planting projects
  • Improved techniques for tree planting and protection
  • A broader choice and selection of trees through the trialling of new species and cultivars

We have over 10,000 street trees in Waverley and we want to build on that number to make Waverley a greener and even more pleasant place to live.

How do I find out more?

  1. See a map of Waverley eight distinct planting zones. Click on any of the zones within the map to see information about the zone i.e. planting conditions, street characteristics and a list of preferred trees for that zone. Clicking on an individual tree will provide further information:

  2. Click on link download or to read the full version of street tree masterplan.

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