Request a street tree

 bioWant to live in a leafy suburb? You can help Council make your street a more beautiful, shadier, cleaner place by requesting a street tree to be planted in front of your property.

Each year Council’s arborists plant over 200 new and replacement street trees during the cooler months between April to September according to an annual schedule. Trees are sourced from quality nurseries and tree planting sites are thoroughly prepared. This ensures that the trees have the best possible start to a long life.

Please register your request to have a street tree planted.

Council also encourages residents to join together and nominate their street for tree planting. If enough residents show an interest in helping to beautify their street, Council can organise a community tree planting day. Please contact on 9083 8925 to discuss a joint neighbour street tree application.

Can I plant my own street tree?

Street tree planting, if carried out by residents without consultation with Council, however well meant, may unintentionally create problems with regard to sight lines for drivers and pedestrians, inconsistency of streetscape planting and possible damage to private or public property. Any trees planted on the naturestrip can also become potential long-term problems.

Council tries to accommodate all requests for tree planting and encourages residents to help with nurturing any newly planted tree. The attached tree care pamphlet provides helpful tips on watering, removing weeds and reporting diseases or tree vandalism.

Want to find out more about Waverley's Street Tree planting program then contact Council on 9083 8000.

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