The trees listed in the table below are exempt and do not require a permit for removal.
However, Council must be notified in writing with a photograph of the tree a minimum of seven days prior to removing any exempt trees.

Images Botanic Name Common Name
Celtis sinensis - leaves and fruit Celtis sinensis - tree  Celtis sinensis Hackberry
Citrus spp - flower Citrus_spp_-_form  Citrus spp Citrus
Ligustrum sinense - leaves and flowers Ligustrum sinense- form  Ligustrum sinense Narrow leaved Privet
Ligustrum lucidum - form Ligustrum lucidum - leaves and flowers  Ligustrum lucidum Broad leaved Privet
Nerium oleander - form Nerium oleander - leaves and flowers  Nerium oleander Oleander
Olea africana - form Olea africana - leaves and fruit  Olea africana Wild or African Olive
Salix - form Salix - leaf  Salix spp Willows
Syagrus romanzoffianum - form Syagrus romanzoffianum - fruit  Syagrus romanzoffianum Cocos Palm 
Toxicodendron - form Toxicodendron spp - autumn colour  Toxicodendron spp Rhus Tree 


Additional exemptions

  • Pruning of a hedge by no more than 20% of its height or width in any 12 month period
  • Removal of dead branches; palm fronds or palm fruit
  • Pruning of branches from electricity wires as required by the Electricity Supply Act (1995)
  • Remedial pruning or removal to make a tree safe following severe storm damage or sudden branch failure. Evidence of the tree’s condition (e.g. arborist or SES report) must be produced at Council’s request if required. Replacement native trees must be planted if tree/s are removed
  • Works carried out by State or Federal Government departments or authorities under current legislative requirements
  • Dead trees
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