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bioMany residential suburbs of Waverley enjoy beautiful views of the ocean, Sydney Harbour and the city. Obscuring these views by trees on public or private land can be an issue of some controversy in Waverley.

Council will not prune a tree to create a new view. View pruning will only be considered where it is requested to retain a previously established view and there is a history of the identified tree/s being pruned to restore the pre-existing view. Trees can often improve and frame views and are usually an aesthetic element in the view itself. Where a private view is likely to be affected by the planting or replacing of trees in a street or park, Council will continue its policy that no individual exclusively owns a view, but rather that the amenity provided by trees outweighs the amenity of views.

New planting in public open spaces will consider the impact on views and where possible species will be selected and placed to frame and complement the view in consultation with residents.

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