Waverley Park Shared Garden

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In May 2011, a keen group of neighbours launched the first Communal Garden in Waverley with the support of Waverley Council and advice from Costa of Gardening Australia. This group installed four raised garden beds and two low level beds, all with water conservation systems. The garden continued with changes of those involved until 2016 when the stalwarts moved out of the area. In late 2017, following a local letterbox drop by Council, a new group met, keen to be involved with the garden.  Over the following months people came and went but eventually a small but solid group was formed and began to experiment with the communal garden. In 2019 the group was successful in receiving a Council Small Grant which has been a great boost. We have participated in Grow it Local from 2018. The regular weekly Sunday morning meeting from around 8am to 9am have led to great friendships between the members and their assorted dogs. None of us are particularly experienced with gardening so it’s an opportunity for us to learn together and figure out what works or doesn’t work in our garden’s environment. The location adjacent to the path and the netball courts means we do spend time chatting and receiving advice from passersby. There is a general plan but we enjoy ‘experimenting’ and being the surprise when we have success.

Shared Garden Team: Marion, Wynne, Chris, Valli, Donna plus dogs and occasional visitors.

Working Bee Schedule: Every Sunday morning between about 8am to 9am.

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