O'Donnell Street Reserve Shared Garden

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In 2007 locals showed great interest in improving the quality of the public space at O’Donnell Street Reserve. Starting with some simple planting of native shrubs, this progressed over the following years to the inclusion of new play equipment, shade structures, increased vegetation, resurfacing of the park, four planter boxes and seating. In 2020, a new group of local residents got together to bring these planter boxes back to life, much to the enthusiasm of passers-by who have expressed their enjoyment seeing herbs and vegetable sprout from the mulch as they wander past on their daily walks in the neighbourhood. The local Marli Marli Early Learning Centre is looking after one of the raised garden beds, dedicating it entirely to edible native plants.This shared garden creates many opportunities for intergenerational learning about food production.

Shared Garden Team: A group of local residents, including Loretta, John, Carolin, Ann-Maree, Richard and Anne

Working Bee Schedule: Regular local gatherings at the site with those involved.

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