Langlee Lane Shared Garden

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Langlee Lane runs behind Palmerston Avenue and joins Dickson Street, Palmerston Avenue and Carter Street. The first ramshackle beds were created way back in 2011, partly as a school social-awareness project, partly from an idea shared by a small group of neighbours. The bananas were amongst the first to be planted and about the same time Dickie the scarecrow was installed. Local artist Tom painted the gorgeous mural in 2012-ish. Several more upcycled beds were put in when the council gave us a tap in about 2013. We became far more official a year later when the council funded six proper raised beds – about 30 people turned up for that huge working bee.

We now have about nine veggie beds, a lot of bananas, papaya, three citrus trees, a lemon myrtle tree and are working to establish a native habitat for smaller birds. We won a native bee-hive three years ago after entering the Waverley Council Shared Garden awards. We have just split it for the first time and both halves seem to be doing well. Our Spring garden is romping away and we are busy trying to tame it. We are particularly proud of our compost and worm farms (thanks for all the contributions from neighbours). We recently emptied one of our four big compost bins and spread it through the newly cleared spaces in the raised beds.

The garden is used almost daily by a Waverley Council family daycare group as well as many neighbourhood families. We have been running the garden very informally on a get-there-when-you-can, everything shared and co-cared for basis. However, we are now working towards a more communal monthly working bee. We have had several great social gatherings over the years. We communicate via a Google group – details on the notice board - and welcome new members.

Shared Garden Team: Sue, Pearl, Bridget, Nami, Brooke, Mel, Glen, Steve, Sam, Vanessa, Belinda, Pippa with many more contributing.

Working Bee Schedule: First Sunday of the month approximately 3pm - 5pm.

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