Hewlett Street Park Shared Garden

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Our community garden with six raised beds was launched in August 2017 with great enthusiasm by a dedicated local team and a Small Grant from Waverley Council. We operate by a roster system so that every three days someone is either watering, fertilising, using eco oil or just general maintenance.

In 2021 we received a second Small Grant to add three additional raised beds to increase our gardening capacity and crop rotation possibilities. Currently there are ten active neighbours, seven of whom are the original members.

At the moment we’re harvesting a range of fruits and veg including some very tasty beetroot, potato crops, sweet peas, lettuce, climbing cucumber, basil, spring onion and sun flowers. .

Shared Garden Team: Jenny, Winsome, Christopher, Jacq, Pete, Brenda, Tony, Maureen, Emily, Christine, Liz, Christine.

Working Bee Schedule: First Saturday of the month 8am – 10am and third Sunday of the month 4pm – 5pm.

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