Anglesea Street Shared Garden

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Our garden was established in 2013. It came about because some motivated residents requested the use of vacant Housing NSW land in Anglesea Street. Once permission was granted, we were very lucky to have the TV show ‘Better Homes & Gardens’ do a makeover on the garden. They fenced the area and build garden beds and planted fruit trees, olive trees and a variety of vegetables and herbs.

The Anglesea Street Garden is run as a communal garden, so all the produce is shared. The garden has gone gangbusters during lockdown and we have a group of very keen gardeners who visit at different times. We’ve grown a variety of produce including pawpaws, rhubarb, garlic, turmeric, artichoke, sweet potatoes, blueberries, strawberries and radishes. We have a very successful composting program to which dozens of residents contribute their food and garden scraps. We have about 6 active gardeners however many people use the garden particularly for herbs and children play in the garden as it is fenced off from the street. Anyone is welcome to become involved and it’s a great way to meet new neighbours.

Shared Garden Team: George, Ester, Howard, Paul, Paloma, Derek, Bertie, Charlie, Adam, Marini, Nick, Yohan, Tara, Tess, Molly, Ted, Lucy, Zoe, Gemma, Pia, Milo, Rose, Mario, Cleo, Tony and Damien.

Working Bee Schedule: Working bees are generally on the 1st Sunday of every month from 3pm to 5pm. However please always email before turning up.

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