Herbicide application

Waverley Council conducts herbicide application to treat Bindii and Broadleaf weeds in turf twice a year, typically in the months of June and September.

There is a total of 50 sites in Waverley's Local Government Area (LGA) to be treated. This includes:

  • Sports fields and ovals
  • Local parks and reserves
    Please note: Playgrounds themselves will not be sprayed.

Find out more about our Pesticide Use Notification Process here.

Upcoming Herbicide Applications - December 2018

Tamarama Gully  9 December
Tamarama Beach 9 December
Bronte Park 10 December
Calga 10 December
Gilgandra 10 December
Macpherson Park 10 December
Simpson Park 10 December
Varna Park 10 December
Victoria Park 10 December
Belgrave St Reserve 11 December
Boondi Reserve 11 December
Clemenston Park 11 December
Dickson Reserve 11 December
Edward Street Enclosure 11 December
Eora 11 December
Francis & Edward 11 December
Gibson & Brown Reserve 11 December
Hunter Park 11 December
Marlborough 11 December
Scott Street 11 December
Sir Thomas Mitchell Reserve 11 December
Thomas Hogan 13 December
Fingleton 12 December
St James Reserve 12 December
Waverley Park 12 December
Weonga / Raleigh 12 December
Bay St Reserve 13 December
Biddigal 13 December
Bondi Park 13 December
Brighton Park 13 December
Hal Lashwood 13 December
Hugh Bamford 13 December
Onslow 13 December
Ray O'Keefe (Ben Buckler) 13 December
Wairoa 13 December
Warren Zines 13 December
Caffyn 14 December
Chris Bang 14 December
Clarke Reserve 14 December
Craig Avenue 14 December
Diamond Bay 14 December
Jensen 14 December
Kimberley 13 December
Tower Street 14 December

Pesticide Use Notification

In accordance with clause 11L(2)(g) of the Pesticides Regulation, notice of pesticide use is being given to inform the public regarding planned use of herbicides.

Product : Weedmaster Duo  
Product Type : Herbicide
Active Ingredient : Glyphosate 360 g/L
Purpose of Use: Control turf and weeds in preparation for native planting
Date of application: Monday 29 April 2019
Location of Use : Gaerloch Reserve slope - above pathway
Warnings : May irritate skin or eyes on direct contact

For further information, please contact
Sue Stevens
Urban Ecology Co-ordinator
Waverley Council
Phone: 02 9083 8226
Email: sue.stevens@waverley.nsw.gov.au

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