Vaucluse / Diamond Bay

Vaucluse is an established residential area. The Vaucluse / Diamond Bay Precinct is bounded by Old South Head Rd, Lancaster Rd, the Pacific Ocean and the southern edge of Christison Park. Please note boundary lines run through the middle of the street. Vaucluse / Diamond Bay Precinct is part of Hunter Ward.

Settlement of the area dates from the early 1800s, although population was minimal until the late 1800s. Land was used mainly for farming and fishing. Rapid growth took place during the 1880s and 1890s, continuing through to the early 1900s. Significant development occurred during the 1950s. The population has fluctuated slightly since the early 1990s.

Major features of the area include Diamond Bay Reserve, Clarke Reserve and South Head Cemetery.

Meetings in 2023

All residents of the precinct area are welcome to come along and be heard.

Time: 7 - 9pm, Diamond Bay Bowling Club


  • Thursday  21 September 2023
  • Thursday 23 November 2023

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          Thursday 23 March 2023


          Thursday 23 March 2023

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Position: Convenor
Name: Gabriel Pallo

Position: Secretary
Name: James Gamvrogiannis

Position: Greening Officer
Name: Suellen Bassetti

Position: Traffic Officer
Name: Suellen Bassetti

Position: DA Rep       
Name: Gabriel Pallo