Bondi Heights

Waverley is an established residential area. The Bondi Heights (formerly Penkivil) Precinct is bounded by Old South Head Road, Council Street, Birrell Street, Watson St and Wellington Street. Please note boundary lines run through the middle of the street. Bondi Heights Precinct is part of Waverley Ward.

Waverley is named after an early property in the area, which was named after Sir Walter Scott's 'Waverley Novels'

Settlement of the area dates from the 1820s. Population was minimal until the 1860s when the village of Charing Cross was established. Gradual growth took place from the late 1800s into the early 1900s, aided by the opening of the tram line from Darlinghurst in 1881. Expansion continued during the post-war years. The population has increased slightly since the early 1990s, a result of new dwellings being added to the area.

Major features of the area include Waverley Park, Thomas Hogan Reserve, Dickson Park and Waverley Reservoir.

Meetings in 2020

This is a public meeting and all members of the community are welcome to come along and be heard. NOTE: Voting rights are restricted in accordance with Waverley Council’s Precinct Policy

Venue: 3rd Floor, Waverley Council Chambers, corner Bondi Road & Paul St, Bondi Junction
Time: 7 - 9pm

  • Monday 3 February
  • Monday 6 April  (Meeting cancelled due to the coronavirus and current government advice to implement social distancing)
  • Monday 1 June (AGM) (Meeting cancelled due to the Coronavirus COVID -19 and current government advice to implement social distancing)
  • Monday 3 August
  • Monday 12 October
  • Monday 7 December

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          Monday 3 February 2020

Response Reports

          Response Report to Motions presented to 3 February 2020 meeting


          Monday 3 February 2020

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Position: Convenor
Name: Bill Mouroukas
Phone: 0421 341 815

Position: Secretary
Name: Lynda Hall

Position: Development Application Representative
Name: Susie Douglas

Position: Traffic Representative
Name: Bill Mouroukas