Abandoned shopping trolleys

Shopping trolley providers in Waverley are required to have a Shopping Trolley Management System in place. Coles and Woolworths have implemented a shopping trolley wheel locking system around Eastgate and Westfield shopping centres to prevent customers from removing trolleys. Based on the success of the system, they are investigating installing it at their other stores in the area.

In Bondi Junction, the system does allow people to wheel trolleys to nearby taxi ranks at both centres and into their respective car parks. These trolleys are collected regularly throughout the day by contracted shopping trolley collectors.

Unfortunately, some members of the public have not been deterred by the wheel locking devises and continue to remove trolleys and leave them in streets and parks.

Reporting abandoned shopping trolleys

Residents are able to report abandoned trolleys which should be picked up within 24 hours by the respective company’s trolley collectors. Council is able to impound trolleys that have been reported, identified and not collected within a 24 hour period.

Woolworths and Target shopping trolleys
Telephone: 1800 641 497 (Trolley Tracker)

Online: www.trolleytracker.com.au

A free Trolley Tracker iPhone App is also available from the Apple Store.

Anyone who reports an abandoned Woolworths or Target trolley with Trolley Trackers is able to enter a monthly draw to win $1000.

Coles and Kmart shopping trolleys
Telephone: 1800 876 553
Email: 1800trolley@coles.com.au
Online: www.coles.com.au

Useful Contact

Coles and Kmart shopping trolleys
Phone: 1800 876 553
Email: 1800trolley@coles.com.au
Online: www.coles.com.au