Campbell Parade Opposite Roscoe Street Mall (next to car park)

Suitable for



Area: 10 x 4m or 6 x 8m


Electricity is available: 3 phase (32 amps) & single phase (10 amps)


Not available

Vehicle Access

Entry via Campbell Pde or the Car Park on Park Drive South

  1. Via Campbell Pde- Hazard lights to be active at all times whilst moving on the forecourt with someone walking in front of and behind vehicle. NB- 3 cement blocks are in place adjacent to Campbell Pde. Blocks can be moved if entry from this direction is required (cost recovery service fee applies).
  2. Via Park Drive South - Footbridge has a maximum 2.5m vehicle height. Allow a 2.4m high vehicle clearance. If unsure, please arrange a site visit to assess.

Conditions of use

  • All pedestrian access/ flow must not be affected at any time.
  • Traffic plans must be provided if removing bollards and traffic flow being affected.

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