High Impact Event Proposal Form

Company Name:

Event Name:


Contact Number:

Event Concept:
Provide a brief outline of the proposed event and its format, including:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Proposed Bump-in and Bump-out dates and times         
  • Event Areas to be used
  • Capacity           
  • Target market
  • Music genre 
  • Alcohol
  • Amplified sound      

Purpose of the event:
Describe how the proposed event meets one or more of Council’s events policy requirements:

  • delivers either recreational, social, cultural, education or information opportunities for residents and visitors to participate
  • supports and contributes to the well-being of residents and visitors
  • supports andi ncludes people from all sections of the community
  • supports and respects the unique identity of Waverley and its culture
  • recognises occasions of historical, social or cultural significance
  • contributes to the local economy, businesses and tourism

State your suitability and experience to hold the event:

  1. Company history, directors and/or owners details
  2. Number of years in business
  3. Number of years delivering similar events, current public liability insurance and other relevant insurance to carry out the proposed event
  4. Financial capacity to deliver the event and pay associated fees as well provide as bank guarantee
  5. Professional experience of the proposed production team, in managing similar scale event in sensitive environment 

List any possible impacts of the local area:

  • Vehicle access for type of vehicle needed in the event set up and pack down
  • Pedestrian footpaths/flow of foot traffic easily available around the proposed event site
  • Noise implications
  • Car park spaces

Impact on the event on location and surrounds:

  • Site specific risks associated with event in proposed location
  • Trees,buildings, residents views, grass, pedestrian footpaths, health and safety,
  • Local business impact


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