Waverley Cemetery Walk 6

There are hidden stories behind the silent headstones. Come and listen to them as we visit the graves of judges, barristers, police, murder victims, villains and ... the hangman.

  1. FREDERICK "PADDLES" ANDERSON (1915-1985) Criminal
    "Assailant and robber, gunman and stand-over man","was one of the worst criminals in Sydney"
  2. JOHN HENRY WANT (1846-1905) Barrister and Politician
    A strong courtroom advocate, member of the Legislative Assembly and twice Attorney-General.
  3. ROBERT HOWARD (1832-1906) Civil Servant
    Known as "Nosey Bob', for 29 years he was the New South Wales State Executioner.
  4. JOHN FLETCHER HARGRAVE (1815-1885) Judge, Politician Solicitor-General, Attorney-General, Supreme Court Judge, first N.S.W. judge in divorce.
    Father of Lawrence Hargrave, aeronautical pioneer.
  5. SIR ROBERT WISDOM (1830-1888) Barrister and Politician
    As Attorney-General of N.S.W. he successfully prosecuted bushranger "Captain Moonlite" for murdering Police Constable Edward Webb-Bowen.
  6. PETER FARRUGIA (1929-1992) Underworld figure
    Known as the 'Black Prince' of Kings Cross Farrugia was allegedly involved in illegal gambling, prostitution, drugs and pornography" .
  7. JOHN WILLIAM PHILLIPS (1863-1893) Bank Manager
    Murdered during an attempted bank robbery in Carcoar, N.S.W. - "hacked with axe dreadfully"
  8. SIR FRANCIS FORBES (1784-1841) Judge
    The first Chief Justice of N.S.W., introduced trial by jury to N.S.W. and extended the privileges of free persons to former convicts.
  9. GEORGE COLQUHOUN (1830-1901) Crown Solicitor
    First solicitor to practice in Orange and Forbes, he successfully defended bushranger Ben Hall
  10. 10a. GEORGE JOHNSTON (1764-1823) First Fleet Marine Lieutenant
    Court-martialled for deposing Governor William Bligh in the Rum Rebellion of 1808.
    10b. ESTHER ABRAHAMS (1771-1846) First Fleet Convict
    She climbed from the depths of degradation to the heights of social respectability and married George Johnston.
  11. SIR JAMES MARTIN (1820-1886) Judge, the 4th Chief Justice of N.S.W.
    "A journalist, lawyer, statesman and judge His reputation will endure through Australia's history"
  12. REGINALD STUART-JONES (1902-1961) Criminal
    Macquarie Street surgeon, playboy, nightclub proprietor, punter, sly-grog trader, drug dealer and abortionist.
  13. CHARLES EDWARD PILCHER (1884-1916) Barrister, Politician
    "One of the great common law barristers of his time"
  14. HENRY CHAMBERLAIN RUSSELL (1836-1907) Government Astronomer
    Eminent astronomer and meteorologist who was the victim of an assassination attempt.
  15. WILFRED JOSEPH SPRUSON (1870-1939) Patent Attorney
    Eminent Sydney consulting engineer and patent attorney.
    An expert in the field of patents, trade marks and copyright.
  16. WILLLIM PATRICK CRICK (1862-1908) Solicitor, Politician
    "A stormy and utterly unconventional man, an ill-ballasted genius, a brilliant debater, a clever lawyer, and hardworking Minister."
  17. LEE WELLER (died 1896) Ship's Captain
    Murdered by Frank Butler in a case which became known as "The Mountain Mystery
  18. JAMES BREMNER (1841-1901) Police Inspector
    In charge of No. 3 Division of the Sydney Police, killed accidentally at Centennial Park during the Commonwealth celebrations.
  19. HAROLD MACLEAN (1828-1889) Sheriff of N.S.W.
    Served the government faithfully in various capacities since 1846 and was praised for his "intelligence, experience, zeal and enlightened humanity"
  20. FRANCIS DE ROSSI (1823-1903) Landowner
    Prominent resident of Goulburn of a noble Corsican family and a thorn in the side of the authorities.
  21. MICHAEL DWYER (1770-1825) Irish Rebel
    The remains of Michael Dwyer and his wife, Mary, are buried within the "Irish Monument", which commemorates the Irish uprisings of 1798 and Easter 1916.
  22. DENIS FRANCIS O'HARAN (1854-1931) Catholic Priest
    Administrator of Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral and private secretary to Cardinal Moran, cited as co-respondent in a divorce action.
  23. GEORGE DAVID FREEMAN (1934-1990) Criminal
    Named in almost every inquiry into organised crime from the 1970's, described by former N.S.W. Premier Nick Greiner as "one of Sydney's leading criminals".
  24. WILLIAM BEDE DALLEY (1831-1888) Barrister and Politician
    "One of the pioneer statesmen of the new world; mourned throughout the continent as a great Australian patriot"

Published by Waverley Library from reference sources within the Library and Local History Collection.