Waverley Cemetery Walk 5

This walk cannot hope to tell you the whole history of Australian theatre, but it does take you to the graves of men and women whose profession was that of...

"...a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more."

But, now we offer them one more ENCORE! before the curtain falls again.

  1. WALTER COOPER (1842-1880) playwright.
    One of the earliest and best colonial playwrights, he was also a journalist, politician and barrister.
  2. ARTHUR TAUCHERT (1877-1933) actor and vaudevillian.
    Silent screen star of the classic Australian film "The Sentimental Bloke'.
  3. DANIEL FITZGERALD (1859-1906) circus proprietor. Daniel and his brother, Tom, were proprietors of the Hugely successful Fitzgerald Bros Circus.
  4. 4a. EVELYN "QUEENIE" PAUL (1895-1982) actress and vaudevillian.. A great lady of Australian showbusiness.
    4b. MIKE CONNORS (1892-1949) actor and vaudevillian.
    Popular partner of Queenie Paul and star of radio and vaudeville.
  5. HARRY DIVER (1865-1914) actor. A character actor best as a villainous heavy, his Iago to George Rignold's "Othello", was 'among the finest this country has seen'.
  6. JOHN GORDON (1872-1911) scenic artist. One of the best-known scenic artists of his time who worked many years for J.C. Williamson Ltd..
  7. ARTHUR EDWARDS (1887-1910) actor, dancer.
    "The cleverest eccentric dancer that Australia had seen for years' and "his talent for character acting was amply demonstrated".
  8. ALFRED DAMPIER (1843-1908) actor-manager.
    Specialised in producing spectacular Australian melodramas for colonial audiences and provided a fruitful field for local playwrights.
  9. AUGUSTA DARGON (1850-1902) actress.
    Popular actress who specialised in heroic roles such as Lady Macbeth, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and Lucrezia Borgia.
  10. OSCAR ELIASON (1869-1899) magician.
    The premier conjuror, juggler and magician, known as "Dante the Great".
  11. CHARLES OWEN PEART (1872-1896) circus performer. "Professor Charlie Peart, High Diving Champion of the whole World".
  12. JOHN F. SHERIDAN (1843-1908) actor, female impersonator.
    Specialised in sophisticated 'widow' roles and known the world over as the Widow O'Brien In 'Fun on the Bristol'.
  13. MAUD JEFFRIES (1869-1946) actress.
    Originated the role of Mercia in 'The Sign of the Cross' with English melodrama star, Wilson Barrett.
  14. 14a ARTHUR DACRE (184071895) actor.
    14b AMY ROSELLE (1855-1895) actress.
    English, husband and wife, theatrical couple who's lives ended in a real-life tragedy.
  15. l5a GEORGE RIGNOLD (1839-1912) actor-manager.
    'The most picturesque figure the Australian stage ever saw'.
    15b MARIE BRAYBROOK RIGNOLD (1842-1902) actress.
    Leading lady to her husband and later an accomplished character actress.
  16. HARRY RICKARDS (1845-1911) actor-manager.
    "Australia's Vaudeville King,; theatrical proprietor of the Tivoli Theatre Circuit.
  17. 17a. ROBERT BROUGH (1857-1906) actor-manager.
    He has been credited with making the Australian theatre a respectable institution.

    17b. FLORENCE BROUGH (1858-1932) actress. "Mrs Robert Brough", on and off the stage.
  18. JOHN COSGROVE (1867-1925) actor.
    A consistent and genial actor, formed the Cosgrove Company with his brothers, William and Tom.
  19. MAGGIE OLIVER (1844-1892) actress.
    Popular character actress and principal boy in pantomimes.
  20. ORPHEUS McADO0 (1858-1900) minstrel singer/ director.
    An American Negro singer who toured Australia with his McAdoo's American Minstrels and McAdoo's Alabama Cakewalkers.
  21. ELIZA WINSTANLEY (1818-1882) actress.

Australia's first leading lady and the first to gain overseas success.

Published by Waverley Library from sources in the Local History Collection; Sydney Morning Herald: The Bulletin; Australian Dictionary of Biography.