Waverley Cemetery Walk 3

Waverley Cemetery was opened in 1877 and covers an area of approximately 41 acres. It has over 48,000 graves with 250,000 burials. Waverley Council is the cemetery trustee.

These are the graves included on our guided Walk Through History No. 3.

    Bob Bottom described him as "the titular head of organised crime in Sydney". His nickname was "Paddles".
  2. ALICE JANE MUSKETT (1669-1936) artist & author
    A pupil of artist Julian Ashton, she exhibited in Sydney, London and Paris. A writer of short stories, verse and one novel.
  3. CHARLES PACKER (1810-1883) musician.
    Convict transported for forgery. Composer of "The City of Sydney Polka" and an oratorio "The Crown of Thorns".
  4. JOHN FLETCHER HARGRAVE (1815-1885) judge
    Solicitor-General, Attorney-General, Supreme Court Judge, member of the Legislative Council. Father of Lawrence Hargrave aeronautical inventor.
  5. ELIZABETH JANE WARD (1842-1908) philanthropist
    An untiring worker for charities and women's organisations.
  6. ARTHUR MICHAEL TAUCHERT (1877-1933) actor
    Starred as the 'Bloke' in the original silent film of "The Sentimental Bloke".
  7. JAMES DUNCAN (1912-1946) jockey
    A popular rider, he was killed when his mount fell in the Novice Handicap at Randwick.
  8. EDNA MARY SHAW, O.B.E. (1891-1974) hospital matron
    Matron of Crown Street Women's Hospital from 1936 to 1952, she was known as "the mother of 100,000 babies". Awarded the O.B.E. in 1950.
  9. OSCAR ELIASON (1869-1899) magician
    An American known as "Dante the Great", Premier Conjurer, Juggler and Magician. Accidentally killed in a shooting accident.
  10. FREDERICK CAVILL (1839-1927) swimmer & teacher
    "The Professor of Swimming", operated baths at Lavender Bay, Farm Cove. Professional long distance swimmer, including 2 attempts of the English Channel.
  11. HAROLD HAMPTON HARDWICK (1888-1959) sportsman
    Champion swimmer and boxer, Gold medal at 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games. Deputy Director of Physical Education, N.S.W. Department of Education.
  12. CAROLINE MARY KEIGHTLEY (1841-1898) "colonial heroine"
    Bailed up by bushranger Ben Hall and his gang, she had to make a dramatic journey to ransom her husband, Henry Keightley, Gold Commissioner at Dunn's Plains, in 1863
  13. MAUD JEFFRIES (OSBORNE) (1869-1946) actress
    American born, she became a leading lady in London in 1890. Toured Australia in 1897-98 and again 1903-06, starring in "The Sign of the Cross", "The Eternal City", "Othello" and "Hamlet".
  14. HUGH HAMON MASSIE (1854-1938) cricketer and banker
    "In the famous 'Ashes' match at The Oval in 1882, Australia beat England on English soil in an official Test for the first time; a result that would have been impossible without Massie's daring second innings".
  15. EDWARD MITCHELL EBSWORTH (1858-1927) solicitor
    This family were the last private owners of historic 'Bronte House', prior to its sale to Waverley Municipal Council in 1948.
  16. JAMES ARTHUR POLLOCK (1865-1922) physicist
    Professor of Physics at the University of Sydney. Founder of the Australian National Research Council. Served as a Major in World War I and was mentioned in dispatches.
  17. ALEXINA MAUDE WILDMAN (1867-1896) journalist
    Her career was spent on the Bulletin and her weekly column, writing as 'Sappho Smith', appeared from 1888 to 1896. Her brief, bright career was an encouragement to many women journalists.
  18. ARTHUR DACRE (1840-1895) actor, AMY ROSELLE (1855-1895) actress
    English husband and wife theatrical couple, whose real surname was 'James' ended their lives in a real-life drama - the tragedy of a murder-suicide.
  19. WILLIAM NUTTING TUTTLE (1845-1895) soldier and photographer
    Served in the American Civil War with the lst Californian Mountaineers. Came to Australia and established photographic firms in Melbourne and Sydney.
  20. MARY BOYD BURFITT WILLIAMS (1882-1956) doctor
    First woman to become senior resident at Royal Prince AlfredHospital. Established the Pathology Dept at Lewisham Hospital. Was a consulting physician in Macquarie Street.
  21. EMILY MATILDA MANNING (1845-1890) writer and journalist
    Wrote for the Town and Country Journal, Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Mail and the Illustrated Sydney News. Her pen-name was 'Australie'.
  22. WILLIAM EDWARD SHERIDAN (1839-1887) actor and soldier
    Served in the American Civil War, promoted to Captain. Wounded in 1864 he returned to his profession of acting. Successful seasons in "King Lear", "Othello" and "Louis XI".
    Grand-daughter of William Balcombe, who received Napoleon at St Helena in his last exile.
  24. JOHN WILLIAM PHILLIPS (1863-1893) bank manager
    Murdered during a bank robbery in Carcoar, N.S.W. on September 24, 1893. His wife, Anne, was badly injured, and a visiting friend was also killed, "hacked with axe dreadfully".
  25. GEORGE FREEMAN (1934-1990) "Sydney racing identity"
    New South Wales Premier, Nick Greiner, said, "Despite his denials, Freeman is one of Sydney's leading criminals". TheSun-Herald 10/6/1990 wrote, "Freeman was named in almost every inquiry into organised crime from the 1970's on".
  26. ORPHEUS MYRON McADOO (1858-1900) minstrel singer
    An American Negro singer who toured Australia with McAdoo's American Minstrels and McAdoo's Alabama Cakewalkers. They reinforced the Afro-American cultural impact on colonial society.
  27. THOMAS HENRY FIASCHI (1853-1927) surgeon
    Medical hero of the Boer, Abyssinian and first World wars. Honorary Surgeon to Sydney Hospital for 20 years.
  28. CARLO FERRUCHIO FIASCHI (1880-1910) surgeon
    Son of Thomas Henry Fiaschi and Catherine Ann Fiaschi. Died from a self administered overdose of morphia, one month after being acquitted on the charge of manslaughter of a patient.
  29. CATHERINE ANN FIASCHI (1850-1913) nurse
    An Irish-born nun at St Vincents Hospital, known as Sister Mary Regis, she was excommunicated from the Catholic Church following her marriage to Thomas Henry Fiaschi.
  30. "WEE DAVIE" (died 1878)
    The first burial in Waverley Cemetery's Roman Catholic section. An unidentified small boy, the victim of a sad accident.

Sources: Waverley Library's Local History Collection; Australian Dictionary of Biography; The Australian Encyclopedia.