Bronte Cutting

To reduce the conflict between pedestrians and cars in Bronte Cutting, Council is carrying out an options analysis to find an appropriate and permanent solution.

Bronte Cutting forms part of one of the most significant coastal walks in the world. The Bondi to Bronte coastal walk attracts an estimated one million walkers per year and during peak times, as many as 500 pedestrians per hour use Bronte Cutting. The overwhelming success of the walk resulted in the need to review some of the existing ‘weak spots’ for pedestrians – most notably an almost 500 m stretch of Calga Place. In this location, pedestrians have to walk out on the road, shared with vehicles accessing beach parking.

2020 Options analysis:

Council resolved for an external consultant to investigate two options, a formalised pedestrian footpath and/or 10km/h shared space.


The pedestrian and vehicle conflict is referenced in several Waverley Council strategic documents and studies, such as the Bronte Park and Beach Plan of Management (Bronte PoM) and Waverley’s People Movement and Places strategy. These documents identify the need to investigate options to provide a dedicated pathway linking the Coastal Walk.

Community consultation on Bronte's Plan of Management revealed 74% of respondents showed support for a trial pedestrian footpath in the Cutting. In 2018 we installed a temporary / trial separated walkway, removing a stretch (20 spots) of on-street parking.

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Amanda Tipping

Project Manager