Unfettered - Zorica Purlija

Date: 2nd Mar 2021 Time: - Location:

Waverley Library Galleries


Monday–Friday, 9.30am–9pm
Saturday, 9.30am–3pm
Sunday, 1–5pm

Unfettered explores the theme of fathers raising daughters ... the premise being a father who gives freedom and unconditional love brings up women who know they’re equal to men, confronting societal norms seen to affect children after the age of six. “Understanding the malleability of attitudes towards gender norms is important for tackling gender inequality at its roots.”

In this series Zorica Purlija makes speculative notions of how a father/daughter relationship effects female development. In this exhibition she uses collage to explore the perceived voids and places of distress that occur in the female psyche when the father daughter attachment is insecure.