2019 Youth Art Prize Winners

Soup cans to radio bands, icons in vogue, or 15 minutes of fame….this is pop culture!

The Purpose of the Waverley Youth Art Prize is to encourage creativity in young artists from within the Waverley Council area. It is an open prize and all entrants work is hung so they get to experience the joy of being an exhibiting artist and seeing an audience appreciate their work and talents. We ask parents, guardians and teachers to respect the age guidelines of the prize. While there are prizes awarded, the joy of being showcased is the real prize.

In 2019, Waverley’s Youth Art Prize is celebrating the ‘POP YOUR CULTURE'. Interpret the theme ‘Pop Your Culture’ however you like- show us your artistic skills!

On Thursday 6 June we announced the winners of the Waverley Youth Art Prize 2019 – Pop Your Culture at the Waverley Library. Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a special night. Congratulations again to everyone who was awarded a prize and just as importantly, congratulations to every future artist who entered. What a stunning show.

See below is the full list of winners:

Junior Category- Highly Commended          Jet and Coco Batu-Sampson – Slime
Junior Category- 3rd Lara Monforte – Music Connects us
Junior Category- 2nd Isobel Killcross – More than a face
Junior Category- 1st Kate Smith – I’m feeling pretty hot today
Intermediate Category- Highly Commended Leo Schmid - Frozen
Intermediate Category- 3rd Nathaniel Phipps – Pasta-Pop
Intermediate Category- 2nd Daniel Zheng - no
Intermediate Category- 1st Mia Mac Cormick – Layers of Pictures
Best New Media Artwork Teonie Quach - 1955
Best Three dimensional creation Matilda Zenere – don’t be drastic it’s only some plastic
Best Interpretation of the Theme Jet Marsh Cashman – Just a finger
Mayors special Commendation Yijun Zhou – A sponsorship from the self-absorbed
Senior Category- Highly Commended Chloe Lenehan – Famous Commodities
Senior Category- 3rd Matthew Awad - HAWAIIAN
Senior Category- 2nd Lehon Karube - Phillydahla
Senior Category- 1st Lucinda Rofe - Trump’s Tweets