2017 Youth Art Prize Winners

Senior Category – 1st Michael Aroney – The Suitcase
Senior Category – 2nd Xanthe Muston – My Brother Jack
Senior Category –3rd Casey O’Regan – Gaurdia
Senior Category –Highly Commended Elliot Gibson – Mailman
Intermediate Category – 1st Adena Sheps – Judith the Beheader
Intermediate Category – 2nd Caitlin O’Regan – The Living Rainbow
Intermediate Category – 3rd Nour Agiel – Colour of My Life
Intermediate Category – Highly Commended Jamie Grieve – Spider Girl’s Adventures – Saving Gecko
Junior Category – 1st Nadia May – Fuzz and the Owl
Junior Category – 2nd Gabriel Stafford – Not Every Hero Has a Happy Ending
Junior Category – 3rd Otis O’Neill – Iron man After a Bath
Junior Category –Highly Commended Rolf Rafael Lie – Chip Man Vs. Alien Guy
Junior Category – Highly Commended Tilly Groves - When the Whole World is Silent, Even One Voice Becomes Powerful.
Best Interpretation of the Theme Xanthe Muston – My Brother Jack
Best New Media Artwork Lola Levy, Grace Wren, Grace Ingham, Matilda Gosling, Daisy Johnson, Stella Moore, Lucia Moore - Coogee Friends
Best Three dimensional creation Ava Webster – Shadowgirl to the Rescue