Rose Jackson - Australian Labor Party (2008 – 2012)

“Go in trying to make friends and get stuff done, not score points and take credit. Everyone, particularly yourself, will do better and be happier as a result of this attitude.”

Rose is the daughter of late Australian journalist Liz Jackson and film maker Martin Butler. She grew up in the Eastern Suburbs, attended Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences and a Bachelor of Law from the University of Sydney.

After a dynamic early career in student politics, she was elected to Waverley Council in 2008. In the same year Rose appeared on the ABC’s Q&A.

During her time on Waverley Council she was proud to promote greater community participation in the activities and decisions of the Council. Rose pushed efforts to live-stream Council meetings online, providing an opportunity for people to observe Council deliberations. Rose’s work is deeply linked with the Australian Union movement having worked in roles including Political Coordinator for United Voice. She aspires to see unions play a central role in Australian public life.

Jackson was selected to fill the casual vacancy in the NSW State Upper House. She was appointed on 8 May 2019. Rose currently holds this position. Rose is currently fighting for drug law reform and criminal justice reform in NSW

Rose now lives in Rockdale with her husband and two children.