Mora Main- The Greens (1999 – 2012)

“You want to be on the leading edge, not the bleeding edge.”

Mora Main was Waverley’s first Green Mayor and the third women to be a Mayor of Waverley. She served on Council for 13 years.

Mora was born in Dundee, Scotland where she completed a Masters of Geography with the University of Edinburgh. She migrated to Australia in 1974 before becoming an Australian citizen in 1983. She completed a Diploma in Landscape Architecture with the University of New South Wales and subsequently she became an Associate of the Institute of Landscape architects (AAILA). Mora also worked with the Department of Housing for twenty years.

During her time as Mayor, Mora focused on environmental issues, protecting heritage and sustainability. She was an advocate for bike paths and public transport and is well remembered for riding a Mayoral Bike.

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