Seniors Storytelling Workshop

Waverley seniors are a treasure trove of memories. To celebrate these memories and most importantly to collect them, Waverley Council held a Seniors’ Storytelling Workshop at Waverley Library in 2009.

As this was also Council’s sesquicentenary year, it seemed a fitting time to make sure such wonderful stories were not lost. In order to share these stories with the wider Waverley community they are now made available here.

Our seniors have a wealth of stories about growing up in the earlier part of the last century, and the profound changes in the environment, technology and society they have experienced in their lives.

They also give first hand witness to significant historical events they lived through, both local and worldwide, such as the effect of the influenza pandemic on Waverley in the years following World War I and memories of World War II when the war came close to home at Bondi.

If you would like to write your own stories of living in Waverley and contribute them to the Local Studies website please contact:

Local Studies Research & Engagement Officer